Here is our documentation about our halos.

How to Install

To get the app for the controller visit the controllers section.

Install Tips:

  • Clean the surface of your headlight FIRST before using the included pad.
  • Slowly peal the red tape covering off and 'roll' the halo onto the headlight while applying gentle pressure.
  • We suggest 2 or more rock lights per wheel well for best performance as it reduces shadows and blind spots.


Halos Flickering

There is a couple of reasons the halos could be flickering:

  • If you have rock lights, halos, mirrors and or whips then we could be seeing the data signal dropping to much and we need to send out another booster for your whips.
  • The regulator you plug your halos into has to dispell heat and stay cool to function. If that is getting to hott then its turning on and off the circuit and causing the halos to flicker. We do as much testing as we can internal to detect if we have a weak or bad connection when we build those but some slip through. Just try moving the booster into a cooler location and if that does not work give us a call.
  • Double check your data connections to ensure nothing vibrated free. This has happen to some customers and was the issue with there halos.