Tips & Precautions

Warning: Do NOT mount the controller near any heat source! This will cause failure of the internal components. The ABS housing can withstand greater heat then the internal components.
Warning: Make sure no raw wires are touching each other before supplying power to the system.


  • Use caution as we are not responsible for install neglet.
  • NEVER connect or disconnect products while power is running to products, this can cause a surge and damage products. This is installing neglect and is not covered under warranty
  • We are a 12 volt lighting system only. Hooking up more than 12 volts will void the warranty and damage the products.
  • To utilize the music mode feature, the controller must be near the source of the sound for the microphone to pick up the music/sound
  • Layout all products and hook to the power source you plan to use, ensure all products are functioning properly before running/securing wire.

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