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Our Diamond Duo Ring Light- Strobing kits are the perfect option for strobing lights.  These are equipped with 3 Cree LEDs of each color to be the brightest and strongest lights on the market.  The center mount makes for easy install.  Each kit includes 1 strobing module

Switches Needed: 1 On/Off and 1 Momentary switch to change the different strobing options.

Color: Amber/Red Amber/White
Kit Size: 2 pc 4 pc 8 pc HOT

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  • IP69k Rated
  • 12' Wire Lead from each rock light with positive and negative wires
  • UV Resistant Hardened Clear resin
  • American Made and Rhino Engineered 6061t6 Aluminum CNC Milled housing
  • An Insanely Premium Cree LED Chip that is hand selected to create an insanely bright 6 LED Rock Light Board that is DIAMOND bright. Nothing Shines like a DIAMOND!!
  • 12 Volt Power Needed
  • American Made!
  • American Engineering!
  • Backed by our LIFETIME WARRANTY!

The Cooler the Better! Due to the extreme brightness of the LEDs they put off a lot of heat. These rock lights self regulate and they dynamically adjust the LEDs to accommodate the heat. If you can mount the LEDs to metal it will allow them to run cooler and in turn be brighter. We do this to ensure the longevity of the Cree LEDs.
Warning: Do NOT use any harsh chemicals such as acetone, purple power, degreaser, brake cleaner as this will damage the resin. Simple soap and water is enough to clean the rock lights.
  • Bolt and Nut for mounting (1 per pod)
  • Magnet for mounting (1 per pod)
  • Strobe Module
  • 3-pin raw wire
  • Splitters
  • Optional: Plug-n-Play Wiring Harness with Rocker Switch(es)