American Engineering at its finest

We just don't engineer, we OVER engineer. With our in-house engineer we can develop superior products to meet your most demanding adventures.

Schematic Design
Connex Board .V10 Design Schematic

In-house Engineering & Development

We created our designs from an wild idea to create industry first products. This means we can continue to improve our products and keep pushing boundaries farther.

Rhino Lights LLC wanted to stand out from the crowd by engineering and developing our own products so we can set the highest quality control available vs ordering from a 3rd party manufacturer with very limited control over quality.

Manufacturing Redefined

We take pride in having our manufacturing in the USA. With our in-house solder technicians and multi-layer quality control efforts to ensure the best product every time.

Rhino lights creates its own products and because we do this we own the schematics which allows us to control our own manufacturing process. We hand select our components for optimal performance.

Made in USA Products

Rhino 2.0
Whip Lights

The best bluetooth whip lights.

Diamond Duo
Rock Lights

The brightest and most efficient Cree led rock lights.

Dual Color
Pod Lights

Linkable Dual Color 10,000 lumen pod light.