A New Adventure Invention Solution

We are a family-owned business dedicated to crafting specialized lighting solutions for life's toughest adventures.

Who We Are

Rhino Lights was established with a bootstrapped initiative within a garage, driven by the singular objective of crafting a superior product that would set a new standard for quality and engineering excellence.

We are a family business located in beautiful Huntersville, North Carolina. We are a small shop making a big impact in the off-road lighting market, creating a new level of quality and focusing on USA development and in-house production.

We have spent 1,000+ hours developing our own whip lights, rock lights, and springs. We guarantee these are superior products so much so that we put our name and our money behind them. We outshine the competition with our own in-house technology that includes boosting for all the lights you can dream of and turn signal, braking, and reverse that you can only get from Rhino Lights.

Our Vision

When we got started, we saw that almost all our competition was buying stuff from China – like 98% of 'em. They didn't have much say in how things were made, and that didn't sit right with us. So, we took a different path. We brought on our own engineer, and now we do everything right here. We come up with the ideas, make 'em happen, and see 'em through, all in-house. That way, we're in control of making sure our stuff is top-notch from start to finish. #QUALITYREDEFINED

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop top-tier products renowned for their exceptional durability and versatility, capable of withstanding even the most challenging environments, whether it be the unforgiving desert sands, the harshest winter conditions, or the rugged terrain of mud and rocks. We are committed to achieving excellence in all aspects of our endeavors, aspiring not just to be good, but to stand as the pinnacle of quality and performance in every endeavor we undertake.