Bluetooth LED Chord App

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Controller Name: Rhino Music

LED Chord Rhino Lights LLC as of right now uses an app called LED Chord to control our lights. Use the link below that matches the phone you have to download the app.

How to Use the App

Verify Settings

Warning: You must be CONNECTED to the bluetooth controller for it to read and set the settings on the controller.


LED Chord Unconnected


LED Chord Connected


Once you are connected you can verify to make sure the settings match the settings to your configuration. The # of segments is determined by your product with the most amount of LEDS. Example: You have a pair of 4ft whips and 6 rock lights, the segments would be 10.

  • RGB Sequence - GRB
  • LED Driver - WS2811
Rock Lights ONLY 2 16 32
12" Whips 3 16 64
18" Whips 4 16 64
2ft Whips 5 16 80
3ft Whips 8 16 128
4ft Whips 10 16 160

Sound Isn't Reacting

It seems some resin might have gotten on the microphone felt. We hand pour these and do our best to be careful but we are humans. You can peal the felt back gentle to expose the hole underneath. If you are still having issues please contact us.


Advanced Settings