Precautions & Tips

Do NOT mount the controller near any heat source! This will causing failure of the internal components. The ABS housing can withstand greater heat then the internal components.

Whips + Rock Light Wiring

We review how to connect whips and rock light to the Rhino controller. We explain the connection points plus a few tips.


  • Install tip (Rock lights): for optimal performance, mount to a metal surface on your vehicle. Consider using our Universal Rock Light Brackets if metal isn’t an option where you want to mount the rock light
  • Any wire that has a connection on both sides (rock lights, halos, LED strip) should NEVER be shortened. Shortening this wire will NOT be covered under warranty
  • Rhino RGB Rock lights require a Booster, ensure the rock lights have a booster between the lights and the controller
  • Give enough slack for pigtail to flex on the spring to avoid stretching the pigtail to the breaking point.
  • Keep the whips safe from flexing into a cage or any hard objects to preserve the longevity of the whips.
  • Cut the pigtail wire from whips to length before you connect to the controller for best performance.
  • Use zip ties to secure your flag to the whips
  • Make sure your clevis pin that secures your whip to the spring/base is always secured
  • A spring is required to be used for any whip 2ft or longer to be covered under warranty
  • Do NOT extend the whip wire over 10 feet, doing so can reduce the data signal and causing flickering