Here is our documentation about our whip lights.

How to Install

To get the app for the controller visit the controllers section.

Install Tips:

  • Give enough slack for pigtail to flex on the spring to avoid stretching the pigtal to the breaking point.
  • Keep the whips safe from flexing into a cage or any hard objects to preserve the longevity of the whips.
  • Cut the pigtail wire from whips to the controller to length before you connect them together for best performance.


Whips stay White

There are multiply things we have seen from customers that has caused this. If you turn on your whips and connect to the app and try and change the color and one whip always stays white review these items below.

Debug Tips:

  • The pigtail on the whip possilbe gotten yaked and/or disconnected from the LED strip which removes the data connections which tells the whips what to do. We need to resolder that pigtail to the led strip. We add a ton of tape and zip ties to try and secure it but it can happen. Follow the instructions below.
  • Check your data connections near your controller to ensure nothing is loose. This has happen to many customers after riding a while connects broke free. Check your butt connectors.
  • Swap your whips from side by side to see if it follows the whip or if its the connection.

If after reviewing you need us to fix something print off this form below and include it in the box when you send your whips back.