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Rhino Lights Introduces our Connex Lite board that brings turn signal, brake and reverse functionality to our Rhino RGB 2.0 Whips.

External Blink: Uses your 3rd party Turn signal kit (XTC, Corbin, Ryco, etc.) to blink

Internal Blink: Uses the internal functionality to blink, 3rd party turn signal kit not required.

Blink Type: External Blink Internal Blink

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Connex Lite Mini Demo

Connex Lite vs Connex Pro

Rhino Lights introduces our Connex Lite board, a simple add-on for your Rhino RGB 2.0 Whip lights to bring turn signal, brake and reverse functionality.

 This board has 2 output channels:  

  • Left / Right Whip Light Only feature channel with Turn signal, braking and reversing functionality. 

This board has its own integrated turn signal system that you just need to connect a On / Off / On rocker switch to the Left and Right triggers to activate the turn signal feature.


  • Turn Signal Feature - Amber Turn Signal
  • Brake Feature - 5 Flashing than Solid Red braking feature
  • Reverse Mode - Full White Whip Lights
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