Understanding the different pod light optics is the first step in creating the optimal lighting configuration for your application. While there is an extensive variety of optics on the market, the one you choose comes down to your personal preferences and application. Below are some of the most common.


The precise and focused light beam from this optic provides a 10-degree angle, which allows light to illuminate objects far away without sacrificing side illumination. These pod lights are ideal for mounting on vehicles used mainly on straight country roads and slow-moving trails. Roof-mounting enables the beam to reach further away.


The flood beam is emitted from a pod light at a wide 60-degree angle, illuminating trail sides so objects are easy to spot and increase your safety. This pod light is best used on curvy backcountry trails and fast-moving roads. It’s advisable to mount flood pod lights on a vehicle’s front bumper to accomplish uniform luminosity of the road ahead.


This optic provides you with a soft light that also gives the illusion that light is surrounding the object. Other beams, however, tend to shine the light directly on the object which may increase the chances of creating a glare. The diffused optic beam creates a 100-degree wide pattern that has no clearly defined edges, which makes it great for use as reverse lighting or as fog lights.

Diffused pod lights are excellent choices for use as your vehicle’s LED reverse lights, where they can be mounted on the bumper or roof. You can also transform them into LED fog lights using customized mounting for your factory fog light location.


This optic beam pattern offers a bright light with a 120-degree width that is wider than the flood pattern. The effect is achieved using a specialized housing around the light source and has visible sharp edges that create a rectangular or square pattern, depending on the housing’s shape.

The scene optic is a great choice for use in vehicles in farming, construction and landscaping applications that require lots of light but within a specific range to reduce the chances of blinding other people around you. Beam pod lights are also ideal for use as side or ditch lights, so you can navigate around narrow trails in the dark.

When mounting scene pod lights, it’s critical to ensure that there are no protruding components or obstructions near them to achieve the full effect of the 120-degree beam pattern. Roof mounting and side mounting (when used as ditch lights) are the best positions.

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